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First Batch completes 12 weeks Basic Computer Skills program

Shiksha Alok achieved its first major target of ensuring that the first batch of 74 students complete the 12 week Basic Computer Skills Program. 

We started our first batch training on September 12th, 2013 and the batch completed its program on December 14th, 2013. The program was taught in hindi language and each student was given the opportunity to practice every command till they completly understood the why and how's properly.

We did have a few drop outs but on the whole we can proudly claim that 60 students completed the program. While learning how to manage operating the computer the students were made to work on a project - 'Environment Pollution @ Nathuakhan' to help apply all the learnt skills

During the project one of the teams conducted a survey on 'Pollution Perception in the area' while the rest conducted an exhaustive research on Land, Water & Air Pollution. Topics covered were what these types of pollution are, how they affect human kind and what can we do to reduce such pollution.

The community and parents were invited to listen to the power point presentations prepared by these women and children. The medium used was hindi and internet was extensively utilized to conclude these projects.

Apart from the examinations the teams tested each other on the final day. According to the students it was real fun as well as a revision while preparing for the event.


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